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Wondering what the Open Educational Resource will be? We cover that here. For more information about the entire Building LLTDM project overall, please see our About page.

What are you publishing?

Following the Institute, we will be publishing an open educational resource. Open educational resources (sometimes called “OERs” or “open textbooks”) include resources, tools, and materials that are free of legal, financial and technical barriers and can be fully used, shared and adapted in the digital environment. This means that, not only they are free of cost to readers, but also they are licensed in a way that allows instructors to continually build upon, improve, and develop outstanding educational materials.

Why are you publishing an OER?

Not everyone can attend the Institute, yet there is a large community of digital humanities researchers and professionals who may be interested in or who can benefit from it. The OER will extend opportunities for the broader text data mining community to understand and apply the Building LLTDM literacies to digital humanities research and consultations.

What will the OER include?

The online work will contains all of our instructional materials (including sample lesson plans and exercises) and much more. The modules will include content such as: tips, checklists, slides, lecture notes, readings, discussion prompts, and guided activities. They will also address methods to engage and build community around the Building LLTDM literacies.

How can I use the OER?

The OER will be designed with graduate and undergraduate classrooms and advising in mind. The modules will suit instructional needs lasting anywhere from 20 minute lessons to full day workshops.

Generally, open educational resource authors grant rights and permission by use of an open license (for example, Creative Commons licenses) which allows anyone to Retain, Reuse, Revise, Remix and Redistribute these educational materials.

In the case of Building LLTDM, all of the materials created for the grant project will be made available to the public with a CC0 License. This means that we are waiving our own copyright interests in the work, so that others may freely build upon, enhance and reuse the works for any purposes without restriction under copyright or database law.

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